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This is primarily for internal use, though you are welcome to read over the notes and changes we have done and when those changes were implemented.


Initial Changelog Table, created 2018/07/21

Silver Gold Platinum
RAD Maintenance
Free Backup Drive Setup Included! Included! Included!
Microsoft Windows Updates Included! Included! Included!
3rd Party Patch Management Included! Included!
Automated Maintenance Monthly  Bi-Weekly Weekly
Seasonal Automated Checkdisk




RAD Expert Deep Cleaning


RAD Monitoring
Warning Pop-Up Alerts Included! Included! Included!
System Crash Monitoring Included! Included! Included!
Hard Drive Health Included! Included! Included!
Disk Space Monitoring Included! Included!
Application Crash Monitoring Included!
Backup Drive Checking Quarterly On-Demand
 -  -
RAD Security
Managed Antivirus Protection & Licensing Included! Included! Included!
Virus & Spyware Monitoring Included! Included! Included!
Unlimited Virus Remediation Included!
 -  -  -
RAD Helpdesk
Secure Remote Desktop Software Included! Included! Included!
System Tray "Helpdesk On Demand" Included! Included! Included!
Web-based Support Ticket Portal Included! Included! Included!
Labor Services Discount*1,2 10% 20%
 -  -
RAD Perks
On-Site / Remote Billed Every 15 Minutes (1-hour minimum)


On-Site / Remote Billed every 5 Minutes (30-min minimum)


Discount on Parts


Sold At Cost
Weekdays After-Hours Service  Included! Included!

Saturday Service Calls



Sunday Service Calls


Complimentary Pickup & Delivery of Equipment

One In-Shop Repair / Two On-Site Hours Included Per Year*3


Two In-Shop Repairs / Four On-Site Hours Included Per Year*3


Share One RAD Repair with a Friend or Family Member


DNS Redirect



Anytime Plan Upgrade Included! Included!
 -  -  -
Cost Per Month


$10 $20 $30

*1Labor only, click here for details; *2Discount begins with next service; *3;Labor Only, does not include Part cost,  *4Cost is Per PC, CHANGELOG

- DNS Redirect added to Gold and Platinum Plans

- Added Priority Diagnostics to Gold and Platinum members
- Added Priority Dispatch to Platinum members

RAD Helpdesk:
To provide better value to our customers, especially when coinciding with our recent labor rate adjustments, we have made the following upgrades to the Labor Services Discounts area:
- Upgraded Labor Services Discount for Silver Subscribers from No Discount to 10%
- Upgraded Labor Services Discount for Gold Members from 10% to 20%
- Upgraded Labor Services Discount for Platinum Members from 20% to 35% (WOW!)

- Upgraded Discount on Parts from 0% to 5% for Silver Members
- Explicitly defined "Weekdays After-Hours Service" as Closing Time +1 Hour for Gold members, Closing Time +2 Hours for Platinum Members (to prevent calls from being misclassified as "After-Hours" when they should be "Emergency")
- Added "Drop Off Availability" to "Saturday / Sunday Service Calls"
- Explicitly defined "Saturday / Sunday Service Calls & Drop Off Availability" as 8AM-6PM

Added "TOTAL YEARLY VALUE" line summarizing the yearly monetary value of the subscriptions. This number is calculated as so:
[cost of the cleanups in-shop ($75 each)] X [the number the of cleanups (12 in Silver, 24 in Gold, 52 in Platinum)] + $60 (Antivirus) (+175 Gold) (+450 Platinum) = Total
That total is then rounded up to the nearest Hundred to account for any miscellaneous perks, such as discount on parts, "quick fixes", pickup/dropoff, etc.

(Discontinued, but actually Transmuted)

Business Perk:
The cost of the monthly maintenance is accumulated over a 3-month period as a credit towards non-scheduled services that the normal help-desk assistance cannot resolve. (Businesses Only)

Why? This perk was actually accounted for, then calculated and wrapped into the Gold and Platinum Plans as free repairs / on-site hours per year per machine. This is a much easier way for us to track the usage while still providing the same value.


Added the following benefit to the "HelpDesk" section:


          Gold                 Platinum      
Remote Support Minutes Per Week Before Billing Starts


15 Minutes 30 Minutes

The Idea behind this is that we get a lot of calls that may not take more than a few minutes. For non-subscrobers, we charge immediately, beginning with the time they agree to do remote, including the time it takes to walk a customer through getting us in. What about our RAD Care Subscribers? BOOM. Here's the answer. We took the number of free hours they would receive in a year and divided it by 4 to get that a "minutes per week" and defined it explicitly. We don't expect people to abuse this system; when we've done our job and are monitoring correctly, this shouldn't be an issue. This does NOT cover tutoring.



Happy 2019! We added back the slide-in notifications that tell you when the maintenance is starting / completed. We also fixed the Instagram link on our software for Silver subscribers. Now you can view all of our awesome uploads!