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Our Customers Thank Us, and We Thank Them

Thank YouIt can be a scary, nerve-wracking experience to call a computer company you've never used, or that friends and family haven't used. With that in mind, this page is to let our customers speak for us, so you can have a better sense of certainty that calling us is the best choice. Each of the review snippets below were given by our customers, and are unedited, honest opinions of our customer service and repair capabilities. The full reviews are kept in binders; please feel free to request that we bring one with us so you can see for yourself.

"Thank you" to everyone that took the time to write us. We enjoyed working with you and hope you continue to enjoy our services.



Reviews from Individuals:

"...He not only has superlative skills but he has never made me feel like my novice questions were ridiculous." - R.A. Godfrey

"...It was then that I knew that I had found the best computer man in the Phoenix area, thank you so very much." - J.C. Moreau

"...And what is important, I didn't have to unhook, pack up, and take my computer and tower to a repairman to get work done. For many of us seniors, that is an almost impossible task to undertake. Thank you for doing house calls." - A. Atkins

"...they readily comprehended what was wrong and proceeded to fix the problem. I called them several times and was amazed at their ability to fix my problems." V & R Hart

"RAD Computers has provided us with computer and network service for the past year and a half. They are pleasant to be around, neat, present themselves well, speak well, and explain things well to me and to my wife (a computer novice)." - E & J Maloney

"RAD Computers offers exceptional service at reasonable prices. They are gifted geeks who go the extra mile to deliver terrific customer service - always with a smile. You can't go wrong" - Beverly M.

"We have been so grateful for the expert advice and customer service.  At our age it is a challenge when you want newer/updated technology and then have to learn how to utilize it .  RAD has been so helpful with recommending the right upgrades for us and then patiently installing and teaching us how to use it.  Wouldn't and couldn't have done it without them!"  JoEllen F

"They are amazing. They give excellent service at a great price. Terrific attitude, too! I completely trust their judgment and their work" - Fred W.

"GREAT service! They are the BOMB! I have worked with them a few times and they know JUST where to go and JUST what to fix, no b.s., no scam. This is an upright company headed by a very talented and trustworthy young man. 5 stars in every aspect! RAD Computers is the BEST of the BEST!" - Michael H.

"RAD is a great computer service & repair company. RAD goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Totally trustworthy!" - Gwen E.

"You're gonna love this company!! Extremely qualified. Fast, expert at problem solving. HONEST & RELIABLE!!! You'll be very happy & satisfied!!" - Elaine L.


Reviews from Businesses:

"...they have provided us with support in everything from removing a virus to installing new programs to making our entire company system more cohesive." - Cabinets by Suzi, Inc.

 "...always prompt to respond to our needs. He is very knowledgeable in his field and professional in his delivery. We would recommend him for any computer system needs." - Coverlay Manufacturing

"...always very polite and professional. They did their job efficiently and obviously were very knowledgeable in their field. I would not hesitate to recommend them..." - S. Daniel of The Black Swan Wine Bar

"Always pleased with the service and thoroughness of their work. Hope to continue. I have always been left with notes concerning work done - Passwords and user names to reconstruct if needed, and a comfort level unsurpassed compared with other service/technical people." - B & A Carter of Starlink

"We have been very pleased with RAD Computers and all the work they have done on our computers. They have so much computer knowledge and have always kept our computers running great." - Bruton "Easy Pull" Trailer Sales, Inc.

"RAD Computers is great at what they do, they are very friendly and know their business! They even fixed something on my iPhone! You will be very happy if you get the chance to use them" - L. Shirley of Shirley's Collision Repair

"From setting up new computers and importing everything from the old computer and making sure each program applications ran smoothly, RAD Computers was always diligent on getting our computers up and operational within a short time. Their expertise on repairs and glitches made them our 'Computer Gurus'." - Consolidated Contractors, Inc.

 "They are very knowledgeable regarding computers and problem solving. I would highly recommend them to everyone. They are very dependable and honest" - Jonda R of Tucson Advanced Hemorrhoid Care