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Monthly service checkups with added discounts

RAD Maintenance"There has to be a better way to take care of my computers!"
If you're one of the millions of people that have already taken that thought into consideration, you'll be happy to know there is.

At RAD Computers, we're dedicated not only to repairing the issues you have, but preventing the ones you don't, and with our RAD Maintenance plans, your system will be taken care of automatically on a monthly basis.

RAD Maintenance is a subscription service for any PC that keeps your computer running optimally by giving you access to RAD Technicians year-round. Depending on the tier of maintenance subscription, RAD Maintenance can also include automated data backup and verification, as well as remote monitoring and monthly maintenance so that your computer will always be dependable.

We offer maintenance with the following monthly benefits:

Level Services Performed Cost*3
Tier I

Removal of temporary files (Internet, Temp, and Prefetch)
Updating of Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)
Updating of Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware Software
Cleaning of Ghost Devices from Device Manager
Checking hard drives for reported surface errors
Tweaking backup device software for consistent successful backups
Automatic update of Adobe Air/Reader/Shockwave, Java, and Quicktime programs
Total 20% Discount on All Non-Monthly Services*1,2
Business Only: Priority Care + Employees get 10% off Personal Computer services
Business Only: 1 FREE on-site hour per month per 10 computers

This "Basic" maintenance plan is well-suited for the average computer user. You surf the web, check your email, get on Facebook / Youtube / Netflix, maybe some other sites. Your computer ownership has been pretty virus-free and you exercise caution on the internet.

Suggested Uses: Mom's PC, Dad's PC, Grandma's PC, Grandpa's PC

per PC 

Tier II
"Extra Care"

(All of the above) and:
Total 35% Discount on All Non-Monthly Services*1,2
Business Only - Priority Care + Employees get 20% off Personal Computer services
Business Only: 2 FREE on-site hours per month per 10 computers

This "Extra Care" maintenance plan was created for multi-user computers, computers belonging to teenagers, and computers that are used for more than just the basics. Maybe you're playing games on an awesome computer, or you use it for school and are on it several hours a day, or you use it for work occasionally and you feel it could use some extra care to keep it running smoothly, or if your computer has needed a major cleanup or a virus removal at ANY point in the past YEAR, this plan is for you.

Suggested Uses: Teenager's PC, Light Business PC, Family-Shared PC (multi-computer homes), College student w/ Light Coursework


per PC
Tier III
"Total Care"

(All of the above) and:
Priority Care
- We place your computer at the front of the repair queue and work on it immediately, even if our benches are otherwise full.
- Courtesy loaner computer to use while you wait for your repair to be completed
- First tech available dispatched immediately for on-site services

$20 Co-Pay for Non-Monthly In-Shop and Remote Services*1,2
Including: General Cleanup, Virus Removal, Operating System Installation, Hard drive Cloning, Laptop Screen Replacement, Laptop Keyboard Replacement, Data Transfers, Windows Password Removal, General Computer Repair (Blue Screens, Random Shut Downs, Random Lock Ups, WiFi Issues, Black Screen w/ White Cursor, Printer and other device issues)

50% Discount on All Non-Monthly On-Site Services*1,2
Business Only: Employees get 30% Off Personal Computer services
Business Only: 3 FREE on-site hours per month per 10 computers

Whoa! This is it, this is the whole shebang. This plan is made to eliminate downtime, minimize overall repair costs, and restore piece of mind to even the most chaotic of computing environments. This plan is THE plan to be on for people that absolutely cannot be without a functioning computer, or prefer absolute control over the costs of their repairs, or families that experience frequent computer repair needs due to numerous unmoderated computing activities, or people that use their computers for heavy business usage.

Suggested Uses: College Student w/ Heavy Coursework, Heavily-Business-Oriented-PC, Family-Shared PC (one-computer home)

per PC

*1Labor only, click here for details; *2Discount begins next billing cycle; *3Cost is Per Home PC. Business pricing is listed on the business signup page

Who should subscribe?
Anyone who wants to save money on computer repairs, people wanting a HASSLE-FREE computer ownership, or anyone wanting a predictable fixed cost for computer repairs should join the RAD Maintenance program!


How could this benefit my business?
Small- to medium-sized businesses don't usually have enough computers to merit an IT-Staff, but their computers are used more frequently than most consumer computers. They deserve every bit of attention, as well. Having them maintained on a consistent basis can help keep productivity high, by preventing the chance of a computer slowing down, or even going down. Businesses also get two additional perks for subscribing:
  • Discounted prices all non-monthly services for the business' computers AND its employees' personal computers
  • Helpdesk-Style Tech Support - Your employees can call, email, or submit tickets with the computer issues they're having and we will handle it just like an in-house help-desk!
  • The cost of the monthly maintenance is accumulated over a 3-month period as a credit towards non-scheduled services that the normal help-desk assistance cannot resolve.

Businesses need to sign up all in-service computers to qualify for these perks, but are eligible for multi-computer discounts. Employees of enrolled businesses will automatically be eligible for discounts for their home computer services, including RAD Maintenance!

Tell me more
All RAD Maintenance service is paid for one month in advance. You may be eligible to receive multi-computer discounts. This is a non-contractual agreement; you may cancel at any time. All services rendered after a RAD Maintenance cancellation or downgrade will be charged at the standard labor rate or the discount that current applies. Prices may change at any time; however, we will attempt to notify you to ensure you are on a plan that fits your budget while still providing the care you need.

How do I get subscribed?
If you've had us service your computer in the past 30 days, or this subscription is for a business, you're ready to get covered. You will need to create a subscription for the computer(s) you would like covered. This is a one-time set up that only takes a few minutes. Click the appropriate selection below to get started:

I am subscribing for Personal Computers I am subscribing for Business Computers

house icon
Personal Computers

OR business icon
Business Computers

If you haven't had us service your computer in the past 30 days, we just need to perform maintenance on your computer to get it up to speed, check to make sure it's up-to-date with its software, free of viruses and spyware, and running the software we need to do the monthly maintenance. Call us today at (480) 252-2114 to get covered!